Meet Our Staff

The Student Legal Lounge Staff is composed of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds interested in assisting you with legal matters.

Each of us has chosen a focus area to specialize in researching and providing resources for. Our focus can be found with our information below. However, our services aren't limited to our focus areas! Visit Our Detailed Services Page for more.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to attend our office hours or, depending on your needs, contact a member of our team via email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not send confidential information by email. We can't guarentee confidentiality over emails. If you need to discuss confidential matters contact us by or email to setup a phone/in person meeting. For best privacy assurance we recommend using a non-Humboldt email account and refraining from including confidential information on legal matters in your email. 

Research and Development Coordinator

Research and Development Coordinator Kimberly Nguyen

Kimberly Nguyen
Research and Development Coordinator, Co-founder (2018)
Focus: Criminal/Family Law
B.A. Philosophy
Alumni 2020