2020-2021 Mission and Goals

The purpose of this page is to outline the goals of the Student Legal Lounge in a space visible to the students whom we serve. We wish to increase transparency surrounding what we dedicate ourselves to outside of what is listed under "Our Services".

In short, these are the systemic changes we are advocating for this school year. 

Revamping Student Legal Lounge

As of Spring 2019 the Student Legal Lounge has returned to Cal Poly Humboldt after many years of inactivity. One of the central projects for the Student Legal Lounge is to revamp our resources and ensure they are accessible to students.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Updating the Student Legal Lounge Website 
  2. Connecting with Local Campus Communities 
  3. Increasing Awareness of our Presence

Due to this, we're requesting input from students on campus. If you believe there is a topic which needs to be addressed or included, on our website please email us with an explanation of our request at: studentlegallounge@humboldt.edu.

Some topics we're hoping to have up soon include, but aren't limited to:

  1. Housing/Tenant Rights
  2. Minor's Rights
  3. Student Activism
  4. Un/DACA

Partnership with the Formerly Incarcerated Students Club (FISC)

In Fall 2019, with the guidance of Kimberly Nguyen, the Student Legal Lounge partnered with Humboldt's Formerly Incarcertated Students Club (FISC).

Cal Poly Humboldt’s Formerly Incarcerated Students Club (FISC) is a student-run organization whose purpose is to be an ongoing, supportive entity for formerly incarcerated and system impacted students and community members. Our goal is to aid the elimination of the social stigmas around incarceration, explore how mass incarceration negatively impacts our economy and society as a whole, support motivated individuals in their journey through re-entry, and to educate our peers and community about the criminal justice system as it is used as a tool of oppression and exploitation.

Together, we're seeking to fight the continued implementation of the Schools to Prison Pipeline, promote Restorative Justice, and build on campus resources for formerly incarcerated students.  

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