Lounge Services

We do not assist with criminal cases. We do this for your own safety. If you require assistance with a criminal case, please email us without including any confidential information in the email. We can then connect you to a community partner who will be able to answer your questions with the protection of attorney client privledge. If cost is a concern, include that within your email as well.

Alternatively, you can see us during our office hours to receive the same information we'd provide through email, or over the phone. 

Legal assistance

The lounge will assist you in finding an attorney or understanding the full scope of your legal rights. 

We also provide students and community memebers with informational brocheres to help guide them through their rights and legal processes 


Legal paperwork and processes

We will connect you to resources that can help you fill out legal paperwork that you don't understand or aren't certain where to locate, provided that it is a non-criminal matter. 

  • Legal Name & Gender Changes
  • Marriage and Divorce 
  • Yearly Taxes

Resource center

The lounge is happy to serve as a resource center for students and community memebers. The lounge can connect you to organizations that can assist in 

  • Food insecurity
  • Housing insecurity 
  • Employment 
  • ADA
  • LGBTQ+
  • TitleX