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** This is NOT the official Cal Poly Humboldt Covid-19 Response page. Visit the official Cal Poly Humboldt Covid-19 Response Page here. **

In the process of collecting legal resources for students during the Coronavirus pandemic, we discovered many overlaps with the day-to-day needs of students and their families. Below, you will find buttons that link you to what we believe will be helpful material during this time. Expect this page to be updated regularly. 

If you would like us to consider featuring an additional resource on this page, please send it to us at studentlegallounge@humboldt.edu

There are more resources on our Instagram @hsustudentlegallounge in a highlight titled "C19 Resources".

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 Resources are in A-Z Order.


Work & Finances

Food & Housing

Medical & Family

Students & Learning 

En Español

Button reading "Anti-Asian Racism"

Button reading "Financial Aid"

Button reading "AHHA Resources"

Button reading "CAPS Groups on Zoom"

Button reading "ACAC"

Button reading "Alivio Tributario"

Button reading "Ask Humboldt a question"Button reading "How to Work Remote"Button reading "CARES Act FAQ"Button reading "CRIHB"Button reading "Dean of Students"

Button reading "CHIRLA"

Button reading "CDC Home"Button reading "Money Management"Button reading "Eviction Help"Button reading "Domestic Violence"Button reading "Humboldt Student Help"

Button reading "Conozca sus Derechos"

Button reading "Humboldt Campus Updates"Button reading "Stimulus Checks"Button reading "Eviction Moratorium"Button reading "HumCo Testing Redwood Acres"Button reading "Information Technology Services"

Button reading "Departamento de Salud Pública de California (CDPH)"

Button reading "Humboldt County Main Page"Button reading "Unemployment"Button reading "Food for People"Button reading "Hygiene"Button reading "Scholars Without Borders"

Button reading "Inicio de los CDC"

Button reading "HumCo Resources"Button reading "Food Stamps (EBT)"Button reading "Indian Health Service"Button reading "Supplemental Instruction"Button reading "OMS Preguntas y Respuestas"
Button reading "Know Your Rights"Button reading "Giant's Cupboard (Humboldt)"Button reading "Mad River Hospital"Button reading "Writing Studio"Button reading "Síntomas y pruebas"
Button reading "Multilingual Resources"Button reading "OhSnap! (Humboldt)"Button reading "Mythbusters (PDF)"Button reading "Violencia doméstica"
Button reading "WHO Dashboard"Button reading "School Meals"Button reading "Parenting (PDF)"
Button reading "WHO Q&A"Button reading "Shelter-in-Place FAQ"Button reading "Pregnancy"
Button reading "Providence (St. Joseph's)"
Button reading "SDRC"
Button reading "Symptom Checker"

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